Emerging Languages Camp
David Nolen, Jeremy Ashkenas and Michael Fogus at the Schlafly Tap Room. Photo by Mike Bridge.

Emerging Languages Camp

As new problems in computing arise, new languages are being created to help tackle those problems. Emerging Languages Camp brings together programming language creators, researchers, and enthusiasts annually to share their work and ideas.

Our goal is advancing the state of the art in programming language design and implementation by fostering collaboration between academics, industry practitioners, and hobbyists.

Emerging Languages 2014 Announced!

Get ready for FPW×ELC!

This year we're collaborating with the Future Programming Workshop, a new event organized by Richard Gabriel and Jonathan Edwards. FPW has a broad and exciting vision: to showcase new ideas that could radically improve the practice of programming.

Learn more about our 2014 event and then submit a proposal! We look forward to seeing you this September 17th in St Louis.

The main stage of Strange Loop 2012. Photo by Frank Vilhelmsen.

Previous Speakers

Rob Pike, Rich Hickey, Jeremy Ashkenas, Gilad Bracha, Charles Nutter, Allison Randal, Ola Bini, Michael Fogus, and many more!

Featured Languages & Projects

Go, Clojure, Rust, Julia, CoffeeScript, F#, Elixir, Elm, and many more!