Top 5 Cloud Hosting Solutions

Vancouver cloud hosting involves hosting websites on multiple servers. It involves a vast network of servers located in different data centers in different locations. With cloud hosting, the resources required to maintain your website are spread over numerous servers and are rendered as per need basis. This reduces downtime.

Google is an example of cloud hosting. The resources of Google are spread over hundreds of servers located in different parts of the world. That is why never has downtime.

Each server in the cloud carries out a particular task. In the case of the failure of a server, another server temporarily kicks in.

1. Google App Engine

This is a cloud hosting solution for app developers. Google App Engine offers a free quota. If your app grows beyond the free quota, you will have to pay for additional resources. The only programming languages supported are Python and Java.

2. Amazon S3

Amazon S3 hosts most major web applications. With this service, you only pay for the resources that you consume. This site gives developers the same highly scalable, fast, and reliable infrastructure used by Amazon to run its websites.

3. Amazon Cloud Front

This is a cloud solution for content delivery. It gives businesses and developers an easier way of distributing content to end users. Amazon Cloud Front has high data transfer speeds and low latency.

This service has a global network of edge locations. Thus, a request for an object is automatically routed to the nearest edge location. You can use this service with Amazon S3.

4. Go Grid

This offers the ability to instantly set up on demand servers. You can launch both Windows and Linux based servers via the web interface.

5. Flexi Scale

With Flexi Scale, you can mix cloud and dedicated servers. You can launch a server via API or the web control panel. This service offers up to 8 GB of RAM. You only pay for what you use.

The Bottom-Line

Cloud hosting is the future of hosting. Several large organizations use it. Small and medium sized business owners are also choosing it. Moving to the cloud is a worthy investment. There are many advantages of Vancouver cloud hosting.